Targeted Communication : A tool to enhance the relationship to your audience


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Short description

The digital era has also reached the museum industry. Yet, implementing new digital channels do not simply become assets overnight. Museums are facing a growing competition from other types of activities. How can you keep museums attractive, especially to young audiences keen on ultra-connected experiences and on state-of-the-art communications?


MUTEC-Forum, Hall 2

Language English


The Museoparc of Alesia, an important archaeological site in France, has decided to tackle this challenge by diversifying its digital communication channels, which raises two main advantages that will be displayed by Arenametrix and Ask Mona: increase the loyalty of targeted audiences while reducing the internal teams' workload.


Solène Jimenez
Arenametrix, Vienna/Austria
Céline Cauderlier
Ask Mona, Paris/France

Event Location

MUTEC-Forum, Hall 2

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