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Safely Holding Events in Museums


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Short description

On the topic of "safety", a high-level discussion panel will take place under the moderation of Dr. Alke Dohrmann (SiLK - SicherheitsLeitfaden Kulturgut).

Panel discussion

MUTEC-Forum, Hall 2

Language German

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Participants of the panel discussion:

Torsten Cech -Head of the Technology & Security Department, Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig

Prof. Thomas Sakschewski - Prof. Event Management and Technology, Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Ulrike Hahn - Fire Protection Engineer Leipzig, Brandschutzbüro Jürgen Hahn GmbH


Dr. Alke Dohrmann
SiLK - SicherheitsLeitfaden Kulturgut

Event Location

MUTEC-Forum, Hall 2

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