7 - 8 November 2024 MUTEC


Here you will find all the important news concerning this international trade fair for museum and exhibition technology.

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News Overview

04/10/2022 - Exhibitors present themselves Exhibitors Present Themselves: MEDER CommTech Museum tours can be made more interesting by sharing fascinating information with visitors. With MEDER's TourGuide 2, guides can reach tour participants at greater distances. They can communicate with visitors via the integrated microphone in the transmitter and be safe in the knowledge that everyone can understand them. Continue reading
04/10/2022 - Exhibitors present themselves Exhibitors Present Themselves: picturemaxx Museums and other cultural institutions are places where exciting stories can be preserved and created as well as locations for knowledge transfer and interaction. Pictures, videos and digital materials tell the stories and picturemaxx offers a digital solution to archive and display this content as well as distributing it safely. Continue reading
04/10/2022 - Exhibitors present themselves Exhibitors Present Themselves: Flyvision The primary objective in advertising and presenting a product is to maximise attention and sustain awareness for as long as possible. Furthermore, it aims to actively promote perception, learning and thinking. Flyvision has developed a particularly eye-catching solution for museums to achieve this in form of the Levitation Display. Continue reading
30/09/2022 Thematic Block on "Stage Technology": Possible Applications in the Museum and Exhibition Sector As part of the new stage technology and equipment exhibition area, there will also be a thematic block on "Stage Technology" at the MUTEC Forum for the first time this year. There you can expect an exciting programme covering all possible uses of stage technology in the museum and exhibition sector. This thematic block is organised by Prof Thomas Sakschewski, Professor of Event Management and Technology at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin (BHT). Continue reading
30/09/2022 Prof Dr Dr Markus Walz: "Museums are not Secluded Islands of the Blessed". Prof Dr Dr Markus Walz is Professor of Theoretical and Historical Museology at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) and also Vice President of ICOM Germany. At this year's MUTEC, he will enrich the conference programme with a lecture in the thematic block on "Preservation". We spoke to him about changes in the museology degree programme and the impact of current events on the museum world. Continue reading
30/09/2022 International Exhibitors at MUTEC As the International Trade Fair for Museums and Exhibition Technology, MUTEC also welcomes numerous exhibitors from outside Germany. In May, we already introduced you to some of the companies and today, we would like to introduce you to a few more. We look forward to welcoming exhibitors from a total of nine countries. Continue reading