7 - 8 November 2024 MUTEC

MUTEC offers an interdisciplinary programme aimed at museums, archives, libraries and other cultural institutions. Here you will find all the news about our exhibitors' products, technologies and services.

Exhibitors present themselves

13/07/2022 - Exhibitors present themselves Exhibitors Present Themselves: BIC Graphic Produced and printed in Europe: BIC Graphic is an international company and leading supplier in the promotional products industry. BIC Graphic, as European manufacturers and printers, delivers customized solutions for its customers. The company offers sustainable solutions, affordable products and fast service. Continue reading
04/07/2022 - Exhibitors present themselves Exhibitors present themselves: molitor GmbH By integrating loudspeakers and media technology, the multimedia lounge chair MUSE by molitor creates a space for rest, concentration and retreat, which at the same time invites you to relax and listen to audio books and music. In its basic function as a comfortable armchair, it is characterised by a high degree of separation from the outside space without, however, being completely sealed off. Continue reading
20/06/2022 - Exhibitors present themselves Exhibitors present themselves: Navigating.art Navigating.art offers an innovative platform for the creation of evidence-based digital catalogues raisonnés and archives of renowned artists. This platform is specifically designed to meet the needs of art historians, foundations and museums. As of today, more than 10 million digitized archives, as well as the catalogues raisonnés of Tom Wesselmann and Paul Gauguin, among others, are managed via the system. Continue reading
01/06/2022 - Exhibitors present themselves Exhibitors present themselves: Tactile Studio Feeling, smelling, hearing art and culture - that's what Tactile Studio is for. Continue reading
25/05/2022 - Exhibitors present themselves Exhibitors present themselves: wallPen GmbH Founded in 2016, wallPen GmbH is one of the most exciting startups in the Westerwald. The company is currently conquering the world market with its innovative wallPen E2 vertical printer. Continue reading
19/05/2022 - Exhibitors present themselves Exhibitors present themselves: FRANK EUROPE The showcases from FRANK Europe are used in the most renowned museums in the world to protect the most valuable objects of our world history. The products meet the highest requirements of international museum technology. Special trademarks are the complete dismantling, emission-free solutions, high quality and the award-winning minimalist design. Within a short time, the FRANK system has made a name for itself in the museum world. To date, over 1,000 projects have been successfully completed in Europe and overseas. Continue reading