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04/07/2022 MUTEC

Exhibitors present themselves: molitor GmbH

By integrating loudspeakers and media technology, the multimedia lounge chair MUSE by molitor creates a space for rest, concentration and retreat, which at the same time invites you to relax and listen to audio books and music. In its basic function as a comfortable armchair, it is characterised by a high degree of separation from the outside space without, however, being completely sealed off.

Eye contact with bystanders and participation in outdoor events remain guaranteed. The handcrafted back and seat cushions ensure a high level of seating comfort. They can be easily removed and cleaned, which allows the furniture to be used even in places with high visitor frequency. When selecting the fabric, attention was paid to low susceptibility to dirt, high abrasion resistance and colour fastness. Thanks to the wide range of colours for the interior and exterior covers, MUSE can be individually adapted to the respective room situation.

The supporting base frame made of curved flat steel is available powder-coated or chrome-plated as standard. Inside the furniture, the technology is optimally coordinated: The invisibly integrated loudspeakers are arranged in a stereo triangle and thus guarantee the best sound effect. Thanks to the insulation with acoustic elements, the audible properties inside the chair are optimised and little sound penetrates to the outside.

The LED ring in the ceiling area provides atmospheric lighting. A swivelling touch display serves as the control element for the entire media technology, the surface of which, as well as the retrievable content, can be designed and configured as desired. The versatile chair is available in various versions and is manufactured according to individual requirements and wishes. This includes both the large colour selection of the fabrics and the technical equipment.

Further information is available at https://molitor-berlin.de/

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