7 - 8 November 2024 MUTEC

Florian Rogge

Giant Monkey GmbH (CSO)


Florian Rogge is a business economist from Berlin and has been head of sales for the visitor management software go~mus for over eight years. From his intensive exchange with various museums and cultural institutions on topics such as ticketing, museum education, e-commerce, access control, cash registers and interfaces, he knows the relevant topics in the day-to-day administration and operation of museums.


Giant Monkey GmbH

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Program Items

24/11/2022 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM Lecture

Using concrete examples, we show how museums have made the best possible use of their capacities and were able to realise the highest possible turnover through skilful control of the sales channels. In doing so, we look at the connection of resellers in the OTA and DMO segments as well as affiliate partners and show the possibilities of controlled release of poorly utilised time slots for resellers in order to achieve the highest possible utilisation..

MUTEC-Forum, Hall 2
Hybrid event German
Florian Rogge (Giant Monkey GmbH)
Best practice | Digitalization