Possible applications of video/media technology/control systems/lighting in the museum and exhibition area


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Short description

For the first time at MUTEC, there will be the thematic block "Stage Technology" with the exciting programme all about possible applications of stage technology in the museum and exhibition area, organised and moderated by Prof. Thomas Sakschewski from the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (BHT).

Panel discussion

MUTEC-Forum, Hall 2

Language German


10.00 -10.30 Introductory lecture on event technology in museums and exhibitions as well as the Theatre and Event Technology and Management course at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences.

10.30 - 10.45 am Solutions for Special Exhibitions indoor and outdoor by Prof. Siegfried Paul

10.45 - 11.00 Media and event technology at the Humboldt Forum Berlin

11.00 - 11.45 a.m. Discussions on problems and possibilities in the use of event technology with audience participation


Prof. Thomas Sakschewski
Berliner Hochschule für Technik

Event Location

MUTEC-Forum, Hall 2

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