7 - 8 November 2024 MUTEC
How2 - re-use
Our society owes it to the work of museums that a great convey of knowledge is guaranteed and passed on across generations. They inspire us again and again with constantly changing exhibitions and great ideas. A lot of equipment and furniture is required for every exhibition, no matter if permanent or temporary. Each exhibition has its own design and its very own identity.
For this reason, new exhibition elements are constantly procured and used elements sorted out again and again. Many storerooms in museums are overfilled quickly, often with flawless furniture. So why not pass them on to other museums? Reuse instead of disposing or letting it gather dust. This saves resources and contributes to climate protection.
Give your exhibition elements a second life in another location and ensure a more sustainable circular economy in cultural institutions by listing them on www.how2-reuse.com.

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