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Design buildings is the central matter of architecture. Designing exhibitions means not only focus on aesthetics, but also technical feasibility and functionality as well as practicality. We advise museums, building authorities, planners and architects about technical fully functioning exhibitions.
In addition, we help museums to react to the imminent energy shortage and to become more economical and sustainable. We detect potential energy savings on site and develop appropriate savings measures without restricting the special needs of the museum.
Our brand How2 – digital galleries focuses on digitization projects related to Web3 and NFT's. An agency that creates NFT's with museums and artists for a wide variety of purposes. E.g., NFT's from scanned historical art or digital 360° tours. We create possibilities to send certified, unique, digital items on loan around the world without "any" CO₂ emissions.
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How2 – technical solutions


How2 – technical solutions

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