7 - 8 November 2024 MUTEC
xpedeo gamification
Do you think playing and learning are mutually exclusive? Absolutely not! In tours developed for a younger audience, we intersperse facts with entertaining elements.
As is frequently the case, anything forbidden may often attract. In the Augustinermuseum in Freiburg e.g., you can have a go for as long as you like – at least digitally – at playing the organ which is on display.
The Burg Kriebstein project goes even one step further. Here, topics are communicated following the principles of an exit-game. Equipped with a mobile device, visitors have to find their way through the castle. This can only be done by solving various tasks.
But applied media does not have to be exclusively digital. Quiz modules may also still be analogue! In many places here there are “hands-on” elements or tasks that can only be mastered by physical effort. Solutions are not only hidden on mobile devices, but also in drawers, cupboards or fireplaces.

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Touching things that are forbidden or out of your reach, exploring places that are locked away – learning and intensifying knowledge through games. We are break...
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Mr. Jörg Engster
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