7 - 8 November 2024 MUTEC

Sören Jacobshagen



Sören Jacobshagen, studied applied computer science/media informatics and is responsible as team and sales manager for the area of "worlds of experience that inspire" in Central Germany's largest system house - VST in Saalfeld. In his numerous projects, he is active as a digital transformation manager for media (re)conception and technical realisation. In parallel, he is actively as persomer on stage in various productions and has already worked as a director and scenographer himself. His credo is: "Technological progress is faster than our fear of digital transformation. If we as digital initiators don't dare to do it now, someone else will do it tomorrow - better or worse?"



Program Items

24/11/2022 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM Lecture

The lecture is about the new world of experience and its future. Completely different and completely multimedia, such as in the MARCHIVUM museum in Mannheim. With its exhibition "Typically Mannheim!", the MARCHIVUM creates an exhibition with special worlds of experience and learning that relies on multimedia participatory media stations, appeals to all senses and inspires all age groups. This and other projects are presented in a flash of lightning. The central question is always: How digital will the future be in museums and exhibitions?

MUTEC-Forum, Hall 2
Hybrid event
Sören Jacobshagen (VST GmbH)
Best practice | Digitalization | Education & communication