Where to put the my pictures? - Media asset management for museums and institutions

Short description

What does media asset management mean and how can it be used to archive and organise images, videos and other media in a time-saving and secure way? These and other questions will be discussed in the lecture.


Images, videos and digitised material are an integral part of successful public relations and effective communication. Their archiving, distribution and later retrieval often pose challenges for those responsible in museums, cultural enterprises and institutions.

We will show you how to organise your daily work with these media in a structured and time-saving way.

Using practical examples, we will introduce you to the topic of media asset management. We will also briefly highlight the criteria that play a role in the selection of such a solution and where the "stumbling blocks" lurk.


Britta Milde
Picturemaxx AG

Event Location

MUTEC seminar room, Hall 2