Contamination prevention on exhibits in vitrines

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The lecture deals with the protection of exhibits in showcases and separate exhibition areas from damaging contamination as well as the optimisation of cleaning intervals.


In many industries in the high-tech sector, the use of cleanroom technology has become established and proven itself. This is not always about cleanrooms per se, but more and more about protecting the actual process area from contamination (particulate and chemical).

In museums and exhibitions, where display cases are used for the exhibits, this "process area" refers to the interior of the display case. This small, manageable volume, and only this volume, must be designed (fluidically) in such a way that the exhibits inside are appropriately protected.

Examples from industrial use and test series in our company are supplemented with an example from one of the best-known museums in Germany.


Joachim Ludwig

Event Location

MUTEC seminar room, Hall 2