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The role of the user in depot planning - success factors in project development

Short description

How to ensure that the common thread between users, architects, planners and executors does not break over the duration of a project.

The new construction and conversion as well as the occupation of a depot are now complex matters with a large number of participants. The better the user is prepared and positioned, the greater the chance that the result will be satisfactory.


The event will look at the following aspects:

Phases of a depot projectProject organisation - is there a need for internal project management?A depot project is a lengthy process of persuasion - let's do it!What basic principles must be developed by the user in order to launch a project successfully?User needs programme/requirements/guidelines - being proactive, what information needs to be available, when and to what depth?Balance between maximum and realistic optimum - what it means to strive for an appropriate depot construction?Who talks to whom - communication in a depot projectAsk 1 x, follow up 1 x, make a firm and well-founded decision.Tips and tricks to ensure that no user request is forgottenPreparing the collection for the move and the logistics of the move are part of depot planning - more than a side task!

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Target audience:

Decision-makers and responsible staff of museums of all sizes who are planning a new depot or a relocation.

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Dr. phil. Joachim Huber
Prevart GmbH Konzepte für die Kulturgütererhaltung - Museumsplaner

Event Location

Congress Center Leipzig, Seminar Room 12