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Module I - Recording quantity structures for depot and storage technology planning in museums

Short description

What basic information on storage technology is needed for a depot project? How is the necessary information on the collection collected, evaluated and presented? What background knowledge do I need to be able to estimate the requirements?


A sound basis is a prerequisite for the success of a depot project. The creation of a user requirements programme begins with the development of the so-called quantity structure for the storage of the collection objects. How much space will be needed in the future? How can objects be stored appropriately, which storage technology should be used and how much reserve for future collection growth should be calculated?

The workshop will show the procedure and methods for efficiently and effectively collecting the required information oneself (or having it collected by third parties) and preparing it for future use. The workshop will teach how to collect the information on site in the depot/archive and how to prepare it for further planning. In addition, an overview of the technical possibilities available today for the preservation and storage of cultural property of all kinds will be given in a supplier-neutral manner. Participants can also bring in their own concrete questions from their everyday museum life.

Target audience:

Staff of museums of all sizes who are planning a new depot or a major depot relocation.

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Dr. phil. Joachim Huber
Prevart GmbH Konzepte für die Kulturgütererhaltung - Museumsplaner

Event Location

Congress Center Leipzig, Seminar Room 12