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cura3D museum pro
A product of: cura3D GmbH & Co. KG

Plan exhibitions
like never before.

With cura3D museum pro, all exhibits are digitized and can be accessed in their original scale. Arrange works of art with centimeter precision, develop ideas, discard them and try out new things in virtual, faithfully modeled exhibition rooms in your museum.

Uniquely comfortable.
Absolutely reliable.

Lots of skills.

One interface.

Various skills come together when designing exhibition spaces. museum pro enables smooth cooperation between museums, curators, artists, craftsmen and IT professionals.

Planning on a PC or tablet enables detailed instructions for everyone involved.

museum pro intelligently accesses your existing exhibit lists and integrates all exhibits into an easy-to-use user interface. Regardless of whether the data is in 2D or 3D format.
No matter which of the common collection management systems you use.


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