7 - 8 November 2024 MUTEC
SMARTTECH3D scanner MICRON3D color
A Produkt of: SMARTTECH3D scanner
MICRON3D color is a 3D scanner created for the precise digitalization of colorful objects. This unique touchless measuring system is a perfect tool for creating a digital twin of real objects for archiving valuable artifacts.

The highest resolution available on the market allows for imaging objects with the highest level of detail is perfect for digitization of objects with the for example pottery ornaments, registering all small details like canvas damages or microfractures. Sensitive detector of the scanner ensures that both dark and shiny objects can be scanned and integration with a shadeless lighting system provides high-quality, accurate color data.

Measuring automatization and processing functions, as well as direct integration with a shadeless lighting system guarantees the high quality of shape and color information.

GUARANTEE OF NON-INVASIVE MEASUREMENT. A technology applied in 3D scanners uses only structured light. It guarantees safety of scanned objects.


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