7. - 8. November 2024 MUTEC

Céline Cauderlier

Ask Mona, Paris/France (Account Executive)


Céline has always been driven by the objective of providing technologies to cultural sites, to make them accessible and attractive to visitors. After studying in business school, at Groupe Excelia La Rochelle (France), and then completing a master's degree specialized in creative industries and heritage at Groupe EAC (Paris, France), she worked for almost 5 years implementing mobile visitor applications for cultural institutions. She joined Ask Mona in November 2021 to develop the client portfolio in France and worldwide.


Ask Mona, Paris/France

14 Rue Charles Darwin
77420 Champs sur Marne

Tel.: +33 77 8073373


24.11.2022 14:00 - 14:30 Vortrag

The digital era has also reached the museum industry. Yet, implementing new digital channels do not simply become assets overnight. Museums are facing a growing competition from other types of activities. How can you keep museums attractive, especially to young audiences keen on ultra-connected experiences and on state-of-the-art communications?

MUTEC-Forum, Halle 2
Hybride Veranstaltung
Solène Jimenez (Arenametrix, Vienna/Austria) Céline Cauderlier (Ask Mona, Paris/France)