Restoration in the museum: How do we preserve tomorrow?

Autumn meeting Deutscher Museumsbund e. V. und Verband der Restauratoren (VDR) e.V.

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Meeting area M1 at Messehaus


Museum work is changing and with it the working world of conservators. With growing demands for the best possible conservation and contemporary presentation of collection items, the demands on us have also increased. Art technology, conservation and restoration expertise bring considerable added value to the museum - especially for the three classic core areas of preservation, research and education.

A look into the future already suggests that digitisation, climate change and shrinking budgets will bring many questions and challenges. What demands do we have in terms of our work and qualifications, and how does this fit in with the actual tasks at hand? How are conservators seen externally and integrated internally in everyday museum life? In the largely outdated pay scales, how do conservators achieve a salary that is commensurate with their qualifications, scientific nature and high level of responsibility? And how can we take good care of ourselves in everyday life and still meet our own and external demands?

We would like to explore these and other questions in a conference of the DMB working group Conservation / Restoration together with the VDR interest group Public Service. In addition to lectures, various discussion formats will provide opportunities for joint reflection, discussion and the development of solutions.

We look forward to illuminating, helping to shape and transform the future of conservators in museums with you.

Picture: Ina Aydogan

Event Location

Conference area Messehaus, M1