Preventive conservation - supported by modern safety technology

Short description

Connection between Preventive Conservation and Electronic Safety Technology


In the two-hour workshop, the connection between preventive conservation and electronic safety technology will be elaborated. The workshop starts with an introduction that shows the different questions of preventive conservation and their possible answers with the help of sensor technology. In the second theoretical part, approaches to solutions will be presented on the basis of a well-known security system. In addition, practical tasks will be solved in small working groups. The spectrum includes the detection of 3D structure-borne sound and the contactless, conservationally flawless monitoring of objects. Finally, participants will experience how easy it is to install a system in a listed building without interfering with the fabric of the building.

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Dipl.-Rest. Matthias Farke
Museumsberatung Farke
Dipl.-Ing. Clemens Heddier
heddier electronic GmbH

Event Location

CCL - Lecture Room 11