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08/07/2021 MUTEC

VerA - Association of Exhibition Designers in Germany relocates its headquarters to Leipzig

The Association of Exhibition Designers in Germany (VerA) recently relocated its headquarters from Berlin to Leipzig and announced a change in the management of the office. Last year the association wanted to present an exclusive program of lectures on the subject of “City museums in transition” at the MUTEC-Forum, but as is well known, the pandemic prevented MUTEC 2020 from being held. We warmly welcome the VerA to our beautiful city and look forward to future cooperation!

The VerA brings together all exhibition creators from the disciplines of curation, architecture and scenography as well as text, graphics and audiovisual media. It sees itself as a necessary mediator between science and exhibition visitors. The members of the professional association are a mixture of large, medium-sized and small agencies and sole proprietorships. Associated members such as institutions and employees participate thematically in the association. Founding member Annegret Hänsel is the new head of the new office, which is located in the Plagwitz district of Leipzig. She succeeds Nicola Maria Hochkeppel, who was in charge for nine years and who will continue to be involved in the association's work on a project basis.

(Source: VerA - Association of Exhibition Designers in Germany)

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