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    Press release from 7/12/18 | MUTEC

    Innovative technologies and practical solutions for cultural institutions at MUTEC 2018

    Never before have there been so many possibilities for museums and exhibition centres to present their exhibits in appealing and striking ways. Advances in technology also benefit archives, depositories and libraries by providing safe and efficient ways to secure and manage collections. MUTEC offers an overview of modern products, solutions and services and will be held from 8 to 10 November at the Leipzig Trade Fair. Featuring a wide range of exhibitors, the international trade fair covers all areas of museum and exhibition technology.

    Presenting at MUTEC, among others from the branch of museum building and technology, are Ahlborn Mess- und Regeltechnik, ERCO Leuchten, Hoba Steel, NEL Neontechnik Elektroanlagen Leipzig, No Parking Production and Schnick-Schnack-Systems.

    ERCO, NEL and Schnick-Schnack-Systems are specialists in the lighting technology field. ERCO, one of the leading suppliers of architectural lighting with LED technology, produces digital lighting fixtures with an emphasis on lighting optics, electronics and design. Beyond that, NEL also utilises neon art, produced by its own master glassblower, and complete media systems for the use of moving images. Schnick-Schnack-Systems develops, produces and sells LED effect lighting technology, ranging from LED components, the corresponding actuation and software to the power and data distributors.

    Following their philosophy "Living Exhibitions" No Parking Production develops technology that interacts with visitors through an interplay of light, sound and video productions. Sensors react to visitors' movements and enable live storytelling.

    The company Hoba Steel offers high-quality stainless steel tiles for floor and stair coverings, also used in guidance systems for the blind.

    Ahlborn focuses on the protection of exhibits, specialising in high-quality measurement technology for climate monitoring of exhibition rooms and cultural assets in museums. The products enable the measurement and evaluation of important physical parameters including air temperature, humidity, material moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the air.

    Design, interactivity and inclusion: Setting the right scenes for exhibitions

    In the area of exhibition design, MUTEC exhibitors demonstrate how wide the range of technical and conceptual possibilities has become. In addition to audiovisual approaches and 3D technologies, the main focus is on inclusion and design.

    The international company as systems is dedicated to the technical planning and implementation of professional lighting, sound and exhibition concepts. They have particular expertise in water objects and water effect technology, an example of which is the rainforest exhibition at the Swedish technology museum "Universeum" in Gothenburg.

    Rapidobject, a TÜV-certified full-service provider, produces 3D printing for prototypes, small series and delicate designer pieces. They develop solutions for the entire production chain - from the idea to the finished 3D printing model made from plastic, metal or polymer plaster.

    Tactile Studio is committed to the implementation of inclusion and accessibility. The company produces tactile objects through relief printing, a raised, three-dimensional, tactile application of varnish. Relief printing is used, for example, in Braille lettering or for structural effects. This is where traditional craftsmanship meets the know-how of 3D design.

    inkl. Design, a creative agency from Berlin, is also concerned with disability-accessible information transfer. It combines design and inclusion with usability and aesthetic quality.

    Another exhibitor from this sector is werk5. They develop tactile images, tactile orientation maps, orientation models and guidance systems. These special solutions add to the company's classic exhibit construction.

    The combination of creative design and high-quality craftsmanship is Werbär's trademark. The design workshop is responsible for entire exhibitions, from planning to completion.

    Practical solutions for the presentation of exhibits are available from MBA Design & Display Produkt, m.o.l.i.t.o.r. and Solits. MBA is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of sustainable modular walls, spatial design systems and self-adhesive surfaces. The Mila-wall, a lightweight and durable wall system, is also available with integrated flat surface loudspeakers for sound installations and as an interactive version with sensors that respond to visitors' movements.

    m.o.l.i.t.o.r. curates, designs and executes exhibitions and projects for art, culture and science while also developing innovative products. Pedestals, showcases and smaller exhibitions, which are manufactured in the company's own wood workshop, are part of the company's portfolio. It also produces furniture and housings for exhibits and plastic works made of materials such as plaster, cast resin and polystyrene.

    With its bases and columns, Solits is synonymous with presentation at the highest level. The company has a wide range of display cases, pedestals and columns as well as protective covers. At MUTEC Solits presents a display case with mystery glass, a glass cover with integrated LED lighting and a wall base with protective cover.

    A specialist in the field of pricing and labelling is the company Josef Grasmann. It offers flexible price modules for museum shops, which ensure modern pricing for shop products with an eye-catching appearance and individual design options.

    Schreiber Innenausbau is a medium-sized company that specialises in the production of museum furnishings such as showcases, partition walls, pedestals as well as seating and storage furniture. Supported by 3D software, the company can develop tailor-made design concepts as early as in the planning phase, and subsequently implement them with precision.

    Reliable solutions for preservation and archiving

    In archives and depositories, inventory protection and efficient storage are of paramount importance. With exhibitors such as Beskid Plus, KLUG-CONSERVATION, OHRA Racking Systems, PAKA Glashütter Pappen- und Kartonagefabrik and the ZFB - Centre for Book Preservation, MUTEC also addresses this important area.

    Beskid Plus is synonymous with complex packaging solutions made of acid-free materials for archiving. The company's products meet the strictest standards used in archiving including ISO 9706, ISO 16245 and the Photographic Activity Test (PAT).

    KLUG-CONSERVATION provides a legally binding quality guarantee for its ageing resistant products used in the conservation, archiving and presentation of cultural assets. Included in the range are cartons, paper, folders, envelopes and boxes.

    OHRA Racking Systems is a manufacturer of storage and racking systems and the European market leader and specialist for cantilever racking. OHRA exclusively uses high-quality, solid walled, hot-rolled standardised structural steels for its shelving systems and also offers complete system solutions.

    PAKA has a long tradition in the production of cardboard and cardboard boxes. The transport and packaging solutions consist entirely of recyclable products. This company manufactures its products according to individual wishes and specialises in small and medium series.

    Offering comprehensive collection conservation services and protective packaging, the ZFB - Centre for Book Preservation provides all the necessary services for the optimal management of complete collections from assessment through conservation and restoration to subsequent packaging. Its services include deacidification, freeze-drying, mould control and restoration.

    Efficient library technology at MUTEC

    Libraries are particularly dependent on high-performance digitisation solutions, IT systems, microfilm cameras and photocopiers. One of MUTEC's 2018 exhibitors is Zeuschel, the world market leader in book scanners as well as a trendsetter in microfilm cameras and microfilm scanners. All over the world, libraries, archives, museums and service companies scan and process valuable books, contracts, manuscripts or maps and make them digitally available for research, science or the general public using Zeutschel's high-tech supervisory scanners, microfilm devices and software solutions.

    Image Access, one of the world's technological market leaders in the development and sale of large format scanners and digitisation solutions will also be present at MUTEC. The company is the only manufacturer whose product portfolio includes scanners of all scanner types.

    The business consulting firm startext develops modular IT solutions in the fields of statistics, business intelligence and documentation for indexing, administration and presentation in libraries, archives and museums. Among the tried-and-true products are the Hierarchical Database Administrator HiDA4 for the inventory of cultural assets and the modular software solution ACTApro, developed for municipal, business and church archives.

    Actionbound Zwick und Rauprich presents a particularly innovative concept: the Bound, an interactive mobile phone rally. The idea is similar to a classic scavenger hunt or geocaching, enhanced by media content, the internet and the players' own contributions. In connection with the corresponding app, the concept is also suitable for library tours, museums and exhibitions.

    Two trade shows under one roof

    In addition to a multifaceted exhibition in which manufacturers and service providers from all sectors present themselves, MUTEC offers an extensive conference programme. Furthermore it takes place under the same roof as denkmal, which brings together experts in the fields of monument preservation, restoration and refurbishment of old buildings at the Leipzig Trade Fair. Together, denkmal and MUTEC form a trade fair network that is unique in Europe, building a bridge between the various sectors and inspiring interdisciplinary dialogue around the preservation of cultural heritage.

    About MUTEC
    The key aspects of the trade fair are museum technology and equipment, visitor service, media presentation, museum infrastructure as well as archiving and digitalisation. With this broad range, the trade fair is aimed at operators of museums and collections, exhibition halls, galleries, archives, depositories and libraries. A visit is also worthwhile for architecture offices and consulting firms in the fields of art, culture and historic preservation. The conference programme covers current developments and challenges in the industry. MUTEC has been held under the same roof as denkmal, Europe's leading trade fair for conservation, restoration and old building renovation, since 2010 and has been organised by Leipziger Messe since 2016. In 2016, 80 exhibitors from ten countries presented at MUTEC, which drew 13,900 visitors together with denkmal.

    About denkmal
    denkmal, Europe's leading trade fair for conservation, restoration and old building renovation, presents products and services in all areas of repair, inventory, conservation, restoration, renovation and reconstruction. It has been held biannually since 1994 and invites the international industry to the Leipzig Convention Centre. In addition to the interdisciplinary exhibitor mix, visitors to the trade fair can expect a high-calibre, international conference programme. At denkmal 2016, 435 exhibitors from 17 countries presented their products and services. Over 150 events were offered at the conference programme to the interested audience. The 12th edition of the trade fair attracted 13,900 visitors (together with MUTEC). The international trade fair for museum and exhibition technology MUTEC and the trade fair Lehmbau take place at the same time as denkmal.

    Press Contact

    Mr Felix Wisotzki
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    Press contact
    Felix Wisotzki
    Phone: +49 341 678-6534

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