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    Press release from 8/9/18 | MUTEC

    From holograms to multidimensional databases: MUTEC 2018 shows museums the way to the future

    Museums and other cultural institutions nowadays have at their disposal a wide variety of media presentation possibilities to make their exhibitions and exhibits tangible. Innovative products for visitor service and the museum infrastructure are also conquering the market behind the scenes. Numerous companies from these areas will be presenting themselves to experts at MUTEC in Leipzig from 8 to 10 November 2018. The international trade fair for museum and exhibition technology presents a multitude of future-oriented technologies and impressive solutions.

    Artirigo, DroidSolutions, Holo-Systems, interactive scape, MicroMovie Media, Mindtags, ShoutrLabs and VST, among others, will represent media presentations/visitor services at MUTEC.

    VST - Vertriebsgesellschaft für Video-System- und Kommunikationstechnik offers a wide range of presentation products: from touch info points and audio and video stations to interactive stations and large screen projections to room installations. interactive scape specialises in multi-touch displays and also develops the necessary software and integrated object recognition.

    Holo-Systems HANDMADE Interactive Werbegesellschaft offers a very special form of media presentation with its hologram displays. But that's not all: with mixed reality frames, virtual elements can even be merged with real elements. With DeepFrame, the company has the world's largest mixed reality display in its portfolio.

    One of the market leaders in virtual and mixed reality is AlfaVision from Belgium. The company plans, develops and installs individual solutions for museums. These include robots and Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). Biin - bureau d'idées nouvelles, an interactive design office, presents innovative touchscreen solutions from France with its Mosaïque M3.

    Apps have become an integral part of daily communication, which is why the demand for solutions tailored specifically to the cultural sector is growing. MicroMovie Media has developed GuidePilot, a digital platform for museums and cultural institutions. With the individually designed app, exhibits, rooms, buildings, and other points of interest can be digitally expanded and made tangible.

    ShoutrLabs, which have already been awarded several innovation prizes, enable the streaming of large multimedia data to the mobile devices of museum and exhibition visitors with their shoutr.system.

    KULDIG is the name of the AppCreator from DroidSolutions. The modular system enables museums and other cultural institutions to create, maintain and manage their own mobile applications efficiently and cost-effectively.

    With the Proxipedia platform Artirigo draws attention to itself: The app shows all museums and sights in the immediate vicinity of the user, including exhibitions and additional information. Museums can present themselves independently with multimedia content in the app and even develop their presentation into a real museum guide.

    The accessibility of information for blind and visually impaired people is on Mindtags' agenda. Using smartphone technology, the company can prepare museum content in a multimedia format and expand tactile guidance systems into digital information systems.

    Innovative visitor guides for a more intense museum experience

    Visitor guides are one of the most important means for museums to actively guide visitors through exhibitions and to make exhibits even more tangible. Numerous companies at MUTEC show the wide range of possibilities for these guides.

    Orpheo is a leader in providing audio guides, group tour systems, apps and cultural content for museums. The company offers a wide range of mobile and stationary devices for guided tours and group tours.

    Linon Medien, one of the market leaders in German-speaking countries, will be represented at MUTEC. Their portfolio includes audio guides, media guides, group tour systems and museum apps.

    All4Groups Systems is a system provider for electronic communication and information systems. GroupyMuseum is an audio transmission system with a special dual function for group tours in museums. It can be used both to record exhibits independently and to broadcast live audio tours with a museum guide.

    Acoustiguide, one of the world's first audio tour providers, focuses specifically on the museum market. The company produces its own hardware and software solutions, texts and scripts, audio and multimedia tours.

    Fluxguide Ausstellungssysteme develops visitor guides for all media formats and offers a user interface that can be individually designed according to the corporate design. In the open system, interfaces to external systems, exhibits or media in the exhibition space can be implemented easily.

    Tuomi combines new technical and content concepts in one medium in his Digital Guide. It supports visitors in navigating the museum, can be operated intuitively, is individually adaptable and offers barrier-free information access for the hearing and visually impaired.

    Passenger guidance systems, tour guide systems, multimedia guides as well as radio and intercom systems are the speciality of MEDER CommTech. The manufacturer's services range from guides for individual museum explorations to support for group tours.

    tonwelt professional media produces creative audio and multimedia tours for every subject area. In addition, the company creates user-friendly apps as an additional offer for visitors.

    soundgarden audioguidance has stood for in-house developed and produced audio and multimedia guides since 2003. In addition to conventional audio guide systems, the company also offers multimedia guides and the associated triggering and synchronisation technology.

    The Information Society sees itself as an agency for software and visual communication. It has developed the xpedeo media guide, a barrier-free, digital exhibition guide with its own editorial system and evaluation tool.

    Prof Dr Andreas M. Heinecke from the Westfälische Hochschule in Gelsenkirchen also presents the multimedia museum guide em³guide, which can be downloaded free of charge from any location. The museum's data will then be available on site during the visit to the exhibition.

    Flexibility in visitor management and ticketing

    Efficient solutions for visitor management and ticket and POS systems are indispensable for the efficient operation of museums. Giant Monkey Software Engineering is an exhibitor at MUTEC who has developed a modern and efficient visitor management system. Go~mus enables the administration of all visitor processes: Tickets, annual tickets, group offers and events can be sold via the connected sales channels and resources such as rooms, guides, and inventory can be managed.

    AMEPHEAS specialises in visitor management and ticket offices for museums. The company offers a complete IT system for ticket sales, online ticketing, shop sales, admission controls with turnstiles, electronic visitor guidance systems, back office, and evaluations.

    ReCreateX is the name of the Gantner/SYX AUTOMATIONS software program that can be used as a complete solution for the digitisation of cultural institutions. It can be linked to external CRM, ERP and financial management applications, building management systems, access controls and much more.

    In the ticketing sector, MUTEC welcomes TLS - BOCA Systems, the market leader for thermal ticket printing, as an exhibitor. The company supplies thermal ticket printers, tickets and other ticketing products through an international network of offices.

    Beckerbillett is one of the market leaders in Germany, both in the production of high-quality admission tickets and as a software provider for the commercial administration of cultural institutions. The TOP software is used to connect all cash desks and includes merchandise management and many other functions.

    With KORONA, COMBASE has developed a POS system that supports museums in ticketing, visitor management and art education. It is divided into four components: the cash registers with merchandise management, the booking system, access control and the online shop. All components work both stand-alone and fully integrated in a complete solution.

    With the Swiss developer Adega and its German sister company merces ticketing solutions, two further specialists for ticketing solutions will present themselves at MUTEC 2018.

    Modern technical infrastructure as a foundation for efficient administration

    Museums and cultural institutions can also benefit from technological progress behind the scenes - for example in terms of infrastructure. JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft has been conducting top-level research on an international level and developing innovative technologies for over 50 years. With imdas pro, JOANNEUM RESEARCH offers a software package for museums that enables the electronic and cross-collection documentation of all museum objects. A corresponding counterpart for archives is named archivis pro.

    CDS Gromke offers services for all aspects of digital imaging. This includes consulting, conception, implementation, customisation programming and maintenance of integrated digital asset management solutions as a central source for image and media files. In addition, the company handles the gentle high-end digitisation of historical and current holdings, including metadata acquisition as well as development and security logistics.

    The web-based collection management system easydb.museum was developed by Programmfabrik. It allows the inventory to be catalogued and clearly managed together with the metadata. It is also possible to publish the images on your own website.

    Modular IT solutions for indexing, documentation and archiving are the speciality of startext Unternehmensberatung. HiDa serves as software for collection and knowledge management in museums, libraries and cultural administrations. ACTApro is a special archiving software for large and small archives.

    The solutions of Robotron database software concentrate on the administration and evaluation of very large amounts of data. The collection database robotron*daphne is already in use in numerous museums - including the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin and the Brandenburgisches Landesmuseum für Moderne Kunst.

    Land Software Entwicklung has developed multidimensional database and retrieval systems for archives, museums and libraries with its products FAUST and LIDOS.

    MUTEC and denkmal - Trade fair duo with overlapping potential

    In addition to a multifaceted exhibition in which manufacturers and service providers from all sectors present themselves, MUTEC offers an extensive conference programme. Furthermore it takes place under the same roof as denkmal, which brings together experts in the fields of monument preservation, restoration and refurbishment of old buildings at the Leipzig Trade Fair. Together, denkmal and MUTEC form a trade fair network that is unique in Europe, building a bridge between the various sectors and inspiring interdisciplinary dialogue around the preservation of cultural heritage.

    About MUTEC

    The key aspects of the trade fair are museum technology and equipment, visitor service, media presentation, museum infrastructure as well as archiving and digitalisation. With this broad range, the trade fair is aimed at operators of museums and collections, exhibition halls, galleries, archives, depositories and libraries. A visit is also worthwhile for architecture offices and consulting firms in the fields of art, culture and historic preservation. The conference programme covers current developments and challenges in the industry. MUTEC has been held under the same roof as denkmal, Europe's leading trade fair for conservation, restoration and old building renovation, since 2010 and has been organised by Leipziger Messe since 2016. In 2016, 80 exhibitors from ten countries presented at MUTEC, which drew 13,900 visitors together with denkmal.

    About denkmal

    denkmal, Europe's leading trade fair for conservation, restoration and old building renovation, presents products and services in all areas of repair, inventory, conservation, restoration, renovation and reconstruction. It has been held biannually since 1994 and invites the international industry to the Leipzig Convention Centre. In addition to the interdisciplinary exhibitor mix, visitors to the trade fair can expect a high-calibre, international conference programme. At denkmal 2016, 435 exhibitors from 17 countries presented their products and services. Over 150 events were offered at the conference programme to the interested audience. The 12th edition of the trade fair attracted 13,900 visitors (together with MUTEC). The international trade fair for museum and exhibition technology MUTEC and the trade fair Lehmbau take place at the same time as denkmal.

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    Press contact
    Felix Wisotzki
    Phone: +49 341 678-6534

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