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    Visitor facts 2018

    14,200 visitors with denkmal 2018

    3,200 visitors to MUTEC

    70% of the MUTEC-visitors are involved in purchasing decisions (decisive, co-decisive, consultative)
    with 96% trade visitors

    37% of visitors come from a distance of more the 300 km

    For German visitors, the most important home regions are Saxony, Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Thuringia.

    12% of visitors are international visitors
    especially from Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, as well as Asia.

    The most important objectives for visitors are:

    • Getting to know new products and services
    • Information on specific products /technologies /services
    • Further education /expanding one’s knowledge /new ideas for one’s own activities
    • Information on new developments and industry trends
    • Test products / materials
    • Visit specialist programme
    • Maintain business contacts

    The goal achievement is rated as good.

    The most important exhibition sector for visitors are:

    • Exhibition design
    • Media presentation
    • Museum building | Technology
    • Museum infrastructure
    • Archive | Depot
    • Management of cultural institutions

    High quality of the exhibition sectors:

    • Media presentation
    • Exhibition design
    • Building museums | Technology

    are especially praised by the visitors.

    High-Calibre professional programme including talks, panel discussions, seminars, workshops, conferences, VR live presentations and an International Day in the MUTEC-Forum.

    The MUTEC-Forum was particularly well-received thanks to the thematic blocks ‘Changes in perspective’, ‘Lighting’, ‘Accessibility’ and ‘Digitisation’.

    79% of visitors deem the quality of the professional programme to be positive.

    High level of visitor satisfaction:

    • 81% of visitors plan to visit the MUTEC again
    • 80% of visitors will recommend the MUTEC
    • 65% of visitors only visit the MUTEC in regard to the trade fair subject

    Survey of denkmal/MUTEC 2018 visitors and exhibitors conducted by IMK Erfurt.

    Fakten zu den Ausstellern der MUTEC

    » cancellation in 2020 due to the Corona pandemic

    » Press release finish 2018

    » Programme-Highlights MUTEC 2018 (PDF, 57.1 kB)

    » Impressions MUTEC 2018

    Facts & figures MUTEC 2018

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    Phone: +49 341 678-8097

    E-Mail: info@mutec.de

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