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    Exhibitor facts 2018

    105 exhibitors from 10 countries

    Together with denkmal, MUTEC forms a trade fair network for cultural heritage and cultural assets that is unique in Europe and which recorded a record participation in 2018 with over 550 exhibitors from 19 countries.

    23% share of foreign exhibitors

    Exhibitors according to exhibition sector:

    • Media presentation
    • Building museums | Technology
    • Exhibition design
    • Visitor services
    • Museum infrastructure

    show the greatest exhibitor presence.

    The area "Archive | Depot" was developed further and the ‘BILDUNG‘ information booth helped strengthen the area of education and further training.

    Exhibitors' primary trade fair objectives were:

    • Initial contact with new target groups
    • Presentation of new products and services
    • Strengthening the public profile of the company or institution, image management
    • Publicising one’s own portfolio
    • Maintenance of existing contacts

    Exhibitors felt very satisfied achieving these objectives.

    Exhibitor satisfaction:
    The exhibitors of MUTEC 2018 assess the support service of Leipziger Messe before the event to be very good.

    Importance of the target groups
    Museums, exhibition centres and galleries are reached well as the most important target group.

    Visitor evaluation:
    91% of exhibitors look upon the quality of conversation/contacts favourably
    86% of exhibitors look upon the professional qualification of the visitors favourably
    77% of exhibitors look upon the quantity of visitor traffic favourably

    Intention for re-participation:
    77% of exhibitors responded positively in regard to participating in MUTEC 2020.

    Survey of denkmal/MUTEC 2018 visitors and exhibitors conducted by IMK Erfurt.

    Fakten zu den Besuchrn der MUTEC

    » cancellation in 2020 due to the Corona pandemic

    » Press release finish 2018

    » Programme-Highlights MUTEC 2018 (PDF, 57.1 kB)

    » Impressions MUTEC 2018

    Facts & figures MUTEC 2018

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    Phone: +49 341 678-8097

    E-Mail: info@mutec.de

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