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    • Preparations underway for MUTEC 2018

      (09/07/2017) The first MUTEC to be organised as an own event by Leipziger Messe in 2016 turned out to be a resounding success: Expectations were comfortably exceeded, with 13,900 visitors flocking to MUTEC this past November. The International Trade Fair for Museum and Exhibition Technology also achieved strong gains in terms of its number of exhibitors, with 80 organisations from 10 countries presenting their innovative solutions. Building on this success, preparations are now underway for the upcoming MUTEC, which will take place from 8 to 10 November 2018. The registration papers for exhibitors are now available online.

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    • All Expectations Exceeded for MUTEC and denkmal

      (11/12/2016) The international trade fair MUTEC and the 12th edition of denkmal, the historic preservation sector’s leading European trade fair, have concluded with outstanding results. 13,900 visitors made use of the opportunity to get up to speed on the latest developments and current trends at the two trade fairs.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors... OROUNDO Mobile

      (11/01/2016) We use our OROUNDO Mobile culture and tourism platform, which is unique on the market, to generate new visitors for our partners. To achieve this, we address people from all favoured target groups through various media channels. We cross-link the people of a target group and motivate them to actively use our global OROUNDO app, which is available for all commercial types of smartphones. Each of our partners has in this app their own multimedia info channels, giving them full control over their contents.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors... monalitag® is a range of products designed and developed by EDITAG.

      (10/25/2016) monalitag® is the unique solution connecting work of art for identification, traceability, visitors path interactivity. French designer & manufacturer, member of the French Tech network, EDITAG is an expert in innovative solutions for culture professionals.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors... Collection Management with easydb.museum

      (10/20/2016) Collection management is a term that encompasses numerous tasks and activities in museums, libraries and archives. easydb 5 not only technically maps all aspects of collection management and related tasks, it also supports them effectively.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors... InformationsGesellschaft mbH and our xpedeo Multimedia Guide

      (10/13/2016) Simply fascinating: Our xpedeo Media Guide xpedeo has taken a firm place as the technology leader in mobile media visitor information in the museum sector, leaving conventional audio guides far behind. Using intelligent location technology, it provides creative opportunities of conveying information while supporting the dramatic composition of exhibitions.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors... Museum Manufactory

      (10/11/2016) Museum Manufactory plans and develops interactive exhibition spaces tailored to individual demands: museums, special and touring exhibitions, showrooms, visitor and information centres... We accompany your projects either from the first concept to their turn-key implementation or simply for individual project stages. Our team can look back on 25 years of experience in this field and is available for you with its creative and innovative solutions.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors... AlfaVision

      (10/05/2016) AlfaVision provides innovative technology for museums, heritage sites and visitor centres. We use this technology to develop impressive and engaging visitor experiences. AlfaVision is a European market leader in Virtual Reality solutions for museums and heritage sites. We are involved in some of the most innovative projects including some world firsts. Innovation, affordability and low-maintenance are key for us.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors... Hirox Europe

      (09/29/2016) Discover the Hirox RH-2000: the most advanced inspection & measurement 3D Digital Microscope for Cultural Heritage and Art Restoration! 35 years of experience and innovation in video microscopy allowed us to develop the perfect tool for Cultural Heritage applications: Paintings, Metal Artifacts, Textile, Archeology, Wood, Statues, Jewelry and many more!

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    • Presentation of exhibitors... merces ticketing solutions GmbH

      (09/27/2016) merces ticketing solutions GmbH is a young and successful company active in the field of integrated software solutions for museums and retail trade. The powerful software maps all important functions of a company as modules within an overall solution. The software comes from the parent company, ADEGA GmbH in Zurich, which has been making software for museums for more than 20 years.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors... Hoba Steel GmbH: SPIN Tiles and Floor Covers from Stainless Steel

      (09/22/2016) SPIN elements for professional use have been manufactured since 1987. They include modular formats and individual form series. Their material and form is what gives the surface an unmistakable quality in the room. In the SPIN architectural modules from Maufaktur Hoba, another component completes these two aspects, and that component is function.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors... Qulto®

      (09/20/2016) Qulto® is the essence of our two-decades expertise gained in the field of cultural heritage and knowledge management IT. We unify our cultural and science related software, hardware and content solutions under this brand, which together make up a coherent whole. The name Qulto® also indicates the philosophy we owe our success to: we think in openness, networks and cooperation.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors... Fraunhofer IGD - Department for Cultural Heritage Digitization

      (09/13/2016) Fraunhofer IGD is the world's leading institute for applied research in Visual Computing. Visual Computing is image- and model-based information technology and includes computer graphics, computer vision, as well as virtual and augmented reality. Put simply, Fraunhofer’s researchers in Darmstadt, Rostock, Graz and Singapore produce images from information and extract information from images. They partner with other organisations to produce technology solutions and products that are relevant for the markets. Prototypes and complete solutions are developed following client-specific requirements. In its work, Fraunhofer IGD focuses on the human as a user, helping to make computer-aided tasks easier and more efficient through technology solutions.

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    • All the Exhibitor at a Glance – Exhibitor Directory of MUTEC 2016 is online

      (09/12/2016) As from today, the detailed index of all the exhibitors at MUTEC 2016 can be accessed online.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors... Beckerbillett has what any Successful Museum Management Wants: Tried and Tested Management Software, combined with Ticketing and Sturdy Hardware Solutions

      (09/08/2016) For more than 60 years, Beckerbillett has produced admission tickets for small, medium-sized and large museums and science centres. Furthermore, a large number of renowned cultural sites, theatres and festival venues have been among the Hamburg company’s clients.

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    • Presentation of Exhibitors... Giant Monkey Software Engineering GmbH | go~mus

      (09/06/2016) Passing on knowledge is at the core of every museum’s work. After all, what is the worth of all those efforts in research, collection and preservation if nobody comes to see the results. One of the most important aspects of the successful mediation of knowledge is of course planning how the museum’s offering should be presented to the people. However, even the most innovative concepts and ingenious archiving methods are next to meaningless if no visitors come. In order to get people to come to the museum, providing an attractive experience is not enough. Above all, visitors should find it easy to obtain information about what’s on offer and how to book their visit. This needs to be done at all three contact points between visitors and the museum: the cash desk, the online store and the phone.

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    • Media Partner of MUTEC: webmuseen.de, the Museum and Exhibition Platform, introduces itself

      (09/01/2016) The German-speaking parts of Europe, which also include South Tyrol and Liechtenstein, have around 12,000 museums, botanical gardens, Zoos and visitor centres. Webmuseen.de, the pioneer of online museum directories, knows them all.

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    • Book your ticket now and save time and money –Ticketshop of MUTEC 2016 is online

      (08/30/2016) From now on tickets for MUTEC 2016 may be purchased and customer invitations can be redeemed in our online ticket shop. Save queuing time and money by purchasing your ticket online. With online tickets you’ll save € 3.00 per daily ticket. Your print@home-ticket entitles you to use the public transit network of the MDV (Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund) to ride to and from the exhibition grounds for free.

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    • Presentation of Exhibitors… shoutr labs UG

      (08/30/2016) Berlin-based shoutr labs are the inventors of shoutr.Boxx, a digital content distribution system that can deliver large volumes of data, such as HD video, multimedia and augmented reality contents, to mobile end devices – context-based and in a matter of seconds.

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    • Presentation of Exhibitors... Image Access GmbH: More than 20 Years of Experience as a Scanner Specialist

      (08/23/2016) Image Access is one of the global technological leaders in the development and distribution of innovative large-scale scanners and digitisation solutions. Image Access is the only manufacturer to cover the segments of overhead book scanners, sheet-feed scanners and flatbed scanners. The company supplies book scanners for books larger than A1 format, sheet-feed scanners for documents 36 to 48 inches wide, large-format duplex scanners for double-sided documents up to 36 inches wide, as well as flatbed scanners for formats larger than A2.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors... TACTILE STUDIO: Please Do Touch! Barrier-free Ways of Cultural Mediation

      (08/16/2016) TACTILE STUDIO develops and implements ways of cultural mediation that are available to everyone. The designers’ particular strength comes from their preference for aesthetically demanding scenography – the savoir faire of harmonising object and environment.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors ... VST GmbH: Impressive Interactive Technology for Exhibitions and Museums

      (08/11/2016) VST – an integrated systems provider of professional audio, video and photographic equipment. VST will use its presence at MUTEC to present its museum and exhibition technology range, in particular the TouchinfoPoint.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors ... Innovative Measuring Technology - Protecting Exhibits against Harmful Climate Effects

      (08/09/2016) Museums, libraries and archives often house art objects or exhibits of immense value. Testo AG supplies innovative climate control equipment to protect these exhibits from harmful climatic conditions.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors... MEDER CommTech GmbH: Experiencing words

      (08/02/2016) With 35 years of accumulated experience MEDER CommTech knows how to respond to and meet the requirements posed by audio tours by providing a wide range of products. Great importance is attached to brilliant sound and voice transmissions in particular to ensure that listeners can clearly understand each word, irrespective of the noise level involved. This does in turn guarantee the uninterrupted flow of information, even in crowded places or in noisy environments. Up to 30 channels can be selected and ensure that several groups can simultaneously follow audio tours at the same place, even if they are in various languages and presented by several speakers. This enables visitors to intently follow audio tours in a relaxed manner.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors ... molitor: Lasting impressions, high-quality handsets and stationary listening stands.

      (07/27/2016) Since 2001, exhibition specialists molitor have been implementing complex projects in the cultural and scientific fields. Together with its clients, the agency creates special experiences and lasting impressions, imparts knowledge in new ways, provides impetus and opens up new horizons. Driven by a thirst for knowledge and the joy of experimenting, molitor covers a broad range of services, from developing an idea to its definition and final implementation.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors... XPONIA: the mobile museum guide with digital wayfinding

      (07/19/2016) XPONIA – the dedicated museum solution – with innovative wayfinding technology: together, these two open up whole new possibilities for a modern and immersive museum experience. Using an app, the solution transforms the visitor’s smartphone into an interactive and multimedia-based mobile museum guide. Thus, museums have the chance to provide a unique visitor experience, increase their visitor numbers and incentivise them to return and become regular guests.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors ... PROfilius: A Complete Guide System for the Blind, directly from the Manufacturer

      (07/12/2016) Providing orientation to the blind and to visually impaired persons is an important task specifically in publicly available areas, such as administrative offices, hospitals and railway stations – a task solved best by special guide systems for the blind. PROfilius, a complete guide system for the blind, guides blind and visually impaired persons from their first step into the building until their desired destination.

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    • MUTEC 2016 is supported by Archeomatica!

      (07/11/2016) Archeomatica - Cultural Heritage Technologies is an Italian magazine devoted to the presentation and the dissemination of advanced methodologies and technologies for the preservation and conservation of Cultural Heritage and for the museums innovation and collections digitization.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors ... ZFB - Zentrum für Bucherhaltung GmbH: Conservation for Libraries, Archives and Museums from One Source

      (07/05/2016) Ink corrosion, mould infestation, improper use or storage – paper is subject to many threats. The ZFB – Zentrum für Bucherhaltung in Leipzig, Germany, is your partner for the preservation of your original. The company offers restoration and conservation services from a single source to preserve paper for libraries, archives, museums and administrative authorities.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors ... Multidimensional Database and Retrieval Systems of the Highest Order

      (06/28/2016) Inventorying collected items is one of the core tasks for museums and collections. Anyone working and cataloguing in a museum longs for a software allowing to retrieve and use data faster and more efficiently. The company Doris Land Software-Entwicklung has been developing and selling professional database and retrieval systems for more than 30 years, marketing them under the brand names FAUST and FAUST EntryMuseum.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors ... FOTOBODEN: The Ideal Design Element for Museums

      (06/21/2016) FOTOBODEN is a product of visuals united ag, who are based in Kaarst. This patented vinyl floor, which is DIN and ISO certified, can be custom-printed and is thus an ideal advertising medium and design element. It is used not just for visual merchandising applications at the POS and trade shows, but also by museums and TV production crews, as well as for shopfitting and set building applications. FOTOBODEN is 100 % recyclable. A leading specialist for printed floors, visuals united ag offers the complete design, printing and product development portfolio.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors ... Pausanio GmbH & Co.KG – Agency for Digital Cultural Communication

      (06/14/2016) Pausanio develops digital strategies and applications for cultural institutions. The company offers strategy-finding workshops in order to give museums and other cultural institutions the ability to meet challenges in the digital sphere and use digital change as an opportunity for success. But Pausanio’s portfolio also includes app and website development to implement these strategies in a sustainable way.

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    • Presentation of Exhibitors ... Visitate – Digital Services for Museums and Visitors

      (06/07/2016) The preferences shown by the visitors and employees of a museum evolve over time, and so do the tasks to be performed by museum services and visitor management systems. For many institutions, things like mobile ticketing, online shops and software-supported guide management have either become the norm or are at least set to arrive in the near future. This requires standardised processes, but it also affords new degrees of freedom as various tasks are automated.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors ... AHA-SYSTEME / 3DMuseum.eu - Exhibition Systems and Multimedia Solutions for Modern Museum Operations

      (05/31/2016) Every museum is different, showing its own exhibits and telling visitors its own story. Setting the perfect scene for objects instead of just exhibiting them is what every museum strives for. MUTEC is the place where AHA-SYSTEME/3dmuseum.eu will present is manifold exhibition and presentation systems, as well as its media solutions catering to cultural institutions looking for ways to make their offering more attractive.

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    • International Archives Day 2016 is coming up!

      (05/19/2016) On 9th June, International Archives Day will be celebrated all over the globe. The theme of this year’s edition is “Archives, Harmony and Friendship”.

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    • Mobile School of Lighting Design offers light seminar at MUTEC

      (05/18/2016) Lighting concepts in museums and in exhibitions require specific knowledge and particular technology. At MUTEC 2016 the theme “light” will be addressed in its specialised programme. The Mobile School of Lighting Design is offering an educational programme about light and lighting design on 10 November 2016 at the International Trade fair for Museum and Exhibition Technology.

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    • Presentation of Exhibitors … COMBASE AG | Visitor Management the Easy Way

      (05/17/2016) Setting up a new visitor management system is often a lot of work. In many cases, the booking and cash register software is used by many different departments and fields. Replacing it with new software affects many processes, which is time-consuming and stressful. COMBASE will be presenting KORONA at MUTEC – a system which allows to create standardised processes and supports museums in the tasks of ticketing, visitor management and presenting works of art.

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    • Presentation of Exhibitors … Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH – Efficient Database Software for Cultural Institutions

      (05/03/2016) Day after day, modern museums are faced with the challenge of offering their visitors interesting exhibitions. Cataloguing items and finding modern ways to present them is no longer enough. Institutions need to keep an eye on current trends, put existing knowledge into context and share it in public networks.

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    • Presentation of Exhibitors ... Premiere of the special show „Plaster Casting – Historic and Modern Techniques“

      (04/19/2016) The special show “Plaster Casting – Historic and Modern Techniques” will have its premiere at MUTEC 2016. It will offer fascinating insight into the restoration and preservation of works of art using analogue and digital processes. The special show is organised by the Gipsformerei (Replica Workshop) of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (National Museums in Berlin), a museum archive that is part of the foundation Preussischer Kulturbesitz and home to unique cultural treasures. The Gipsformerei is a workshop with the capability of producing its own masterpieces. It was established in 1819 and is therefore considered one of the oldest institutions of the Staatliche Museen in Berlin. Since its inception, the Gipsformerei has collected close to 7,000 objects, making it the largest institution of its kind in the world.

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    • Presentation of Exhibitors... Axiell ALM Germany GmbH | Software Solutions for Collection Management

      (04/05/2016) Archives, libraries and museums have to develop and manage their comprehensive inventory on a daily basis – a task for which clarity and transparent structures are extremely important. Modern collection management software can make a major contribution to handling this task more easily.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors ... Ahlborn Mess- und Regelungstechnik GmbH | Protecting Cultural Assets with Measuring Technology

      (03/17/2016) Cultural institutions around the world are aware of the need to protect their exhibits, with curators having to consider various aspects. Organic and inorganic materials are very sensitive to changes in their environment. Valuable exhibits can only be preserved for future generations if the climatic conditions remain perfect. Monitoring these conditions requires accurate measuring technology, provided by a trustworthy partner.

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    • MUTEC: The international platform for museum and exhibition technology in 2016

      (03/08/2016) MUTEC will give trade visitors from museums and other cultural institutions a chance to see a comprehensive roundup of innovative solutions in museum technology and equipment, visitor service and media presentation products. Trade visitors from archives and libraries will also find many interesting things at MUTEC, such as solutions for the areas of data management, furnishing, equipment and infrastructure.

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    • Early highlights of the extended specialised professional program

      (03/01/2016) The MUTEC specialised program will be extended considerably this year. High-profile presentations, seminars and workshops will focus on challenges, present and future, to the industry. In this context MUTEC is supported by event partners such as the Saxon Museum Association and Pausanio Akademie.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors ... MBA-Design & Display Produkt GmbH | Designing spaces with unlimited possibilities

      (02/23/2016) Presenting an exhibit in an appealing way requires more than just having four walls around it. The company MBA-Design & Display Produkt offers a number of versatile and visually impressive solutions for staging exhibited objects. Thanks to its wide range of products, any exhibition area can be made into a perfectly suited landscape providing an abundance of ideas and unforgettable impressions.

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    • Presentation of exhibitors ... Zeutschel GmbH | Thousand-Year-Old Books – Ready for the Digital Experience

      (02/09/2016) Books have been the most valuable cultural assets of humankind for many centuries. Preserving knowledge and wisdom, they are an intuitive medium for the propagation of new ideas. For most people, however, particularly old tomes are almost always kept out of reach. More often than not, the written volumes – which can be worth millions of euros – are locked away behind the doors of thick-walled steel vaults.

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    • The Federal Cultural Foundation extended the Funding Period of the International Museum Fellowship Programme until 2017

      (12/17/2015) The goal of the fellowship programme is to encourage museums in Germany to internationalise their themes, working methods and orientation, and to explore new forms of presentation and cooperation. The programme also aims to improve intercultural competence within the museums themselves, as well as to strengthen international networks between scientists, curators and museologists.

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